George Krikes

Musician - Producer - Composer


George Krikes is a California-based musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, producer, composer, and collaborator.

He can be seen locally around Los Angeles at Pedaler’s Fork restaurant in Calabasas every Thursday (7-10) and Sunday (5-8), as well as with Flight of Voices at different venues around LA.

In 2018, George released a solo EP entitled “LM”. You can find links to listen to it here.

Most recently, he worked on music for the re-master of the original Baywatch series. It is streaming now on Amazon Prime, and you can click here for a list of the 14 songs he wrote for the show.

With his band King Washington, George has toured the country numerous times (opening for acts such as Arctic Monkey, Collective Soul, Tegan & Sara, Michael McDonald, Ambrosia, and more), released 3 full length albums, a 6-song EP, and they've had their music featured on a number of shows including The Jersey Shore

With HUM Music, he has released 2 separate EP's (under the artist names "Dry Spells" and "Starlight & Arms") and has contributed other songs to their library of music as well.  With HUM, he has worked as a studio guitarist, vocalist, composer, and producer on commercials for clients such as Home Depot, BuickLexus, McDonald's, WalMart, Honda, Beneful, and more.

With BMG, he has released two 5-song EP's under the name "St. George". He has also contributed many other songs to their catalogue. His song "Different Worlds" was a breakout hit in Australia after being featured on The Voice: Australia, receiving radio airplay and garnering a #1 position on the iTunes download chart in that country.

His hauntingly cinematic version of the song "Soul of a Man" has also seen great success, both as a trailer for the very popular video game "Mad Max", and as an integral part of the trailer and soundtrack for the movie "Son of God".

With APM Music, his song "Younger Everyday" has been licensed on numerous TV shows.


Quotes about George:

From Joseph McGee

"As a session player I find George's musical sense spot on. He feels the pocket right off the bat, where he should have a part sit nicely and why. You don't have to ask, he just brings it. He is also one of those players that just has great tone… especially on acoustics. His fingers make most guitars sound better. I know very few of those kind of players in town.

George is also a great collaborator. If you are about to record a song that needs a finishing touch, he brings a complimentary element to the team. Solid musical sensibilities.

In terms of attitude, my favorite session players in town walk in the door of a world class studio with miles of experience but no 'tude. George does that, way beyond his years."

From Bill Schnee

"If I were to describe George Krikes, I could say he is a great vocalist... or a great songwriter... or a great guitarist. The truth is, he really is all three of these."

From Tom Kelly

"I've known George since his early days at USC when he played fraternity parties. His vocal and instrumental talent then was remarkable, and he had an amazing ear that could conquer any musical challenge. I've watched him bloom into a stunning guitarist, and his songwriting always has amazing melodies, tight harmonies, and haunting chord progressions. He's definitely a star on the rise."

From Steven Stern

How bout this:

George is crazy talented and a super cool guy.. and I should know because I am also crazy talented and super cool!

Or this:

Simply, one of my favorite musicians all around.. and an awesome guy!